Jul. 11th, 2018 03:31 pm
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 Karen acting strange? Anything odd? Just want to drop me a line?

That all goes here.  All comments are screened. 
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General Information

- Billy stick she named Jennifer
- Some normal clothes
- Her police uniform
- Her footsack
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[Forward dated to Tuesday]

So apparently women can't be cops here. Not surprising. 

I ended up working in the bakery. Do they just have a giant hat they pick our jobs out of, or is there some actual logic I just don't get to the job postings.

[So much for keeping she can cook a secret.]

Anyway yeah. Drop in the bakery or something. We have ...Mayfield style Nanaimo bars I guess you'd call them. And Halloween stuff. 

[A. At the bakery. Karen is getting used to working there. It's not bad. She's putting out some Nanaimo bars. Not Halloweenish. But she wanted to make something from home. Besides she likes them. She'll get back to the spider cookies next though.

B. Halloween is coming and Karen is gutting some pumpkins on the front steps. There is a large bowl of pumpkin guts in a bowl that she's empting into the garbage on the sidewalk. If you're walking by, watch out for pumpkin innards that might hit you as she tries to throw them out. It's a bit messy.

C.  In a clothing store. If you walk by she's going to flag you over.] 

Hey, have you seen anything in here that isn't pink or covered in flowers?....anything?
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[Well she  managed to get to the phone, that's a good sign right? Currently thinking she's in the middle of some really....really strange kidnapping plot Karen dials that works.]

Hello? I'd like to report a kidnapping.  

My name is Constable Karen Pelly and I- 

[Wait no dial tone]

....hello is anyone there?


Outside the house, she didn't like to wear the strange clothing she found in their it was that or pyjama's. So she's just looking around. Poking through the bushes, looking in the mailbox. Muttering to herself.]

Ugh, I look like a Stepford wives reject.


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